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To Go Bare-Legged or not to Go Bare-Legged, That is the QuestionMarch 23rd, 2013

Sally Hansen Air Brush LegsA question I am asked often is it okay to always go bare-legged?  Well, speaking as a wardrobe stylist, it is more fashionable to go sans nylons.  But when I am consulting professional women, I tell them that it depends on their particular industry and office atmosphere.  Lets’ talk about this – it is modern to show a bare leg or to wear tights.  Nylons are a little passé.  So when you have the choice of what you can wear, choose tights or nothing at all.  But this is not always acceptable in the work place since both those choices have a more casual vibe to them.  A really conservative profession such as a lawyer, or accountant should consider wearing a nude or sheer black nylon with their work wardrobe.  It is simply a classier look that needs to be presented to your clients.  But most industries are not that buttoned up, so you can forget the pantyhose. Actually there are signs nylons may even be coming back in vogue since Kate Middleton has been seen sporting nylons with her dresses, we’ll see.  So on to our next dilemma, since we can’t camouflage our legs with nylons, how do we present a nice bare-legged look when our legs may not be so perfect?  An easy fix is to spray our legs with Sally Hansen Air Brushed Legs for a polished sun-kissed look.

A Flawless FaceMarch 11th, 2013

Looking for flawless coverage for your face without looking too heavy?  Then think about tinted moisturizer followed by a concealer to create a perfect complexion.  I think tinted moisturizer is the best go-to makeup product for spring and summer; it gives you a nice dewy and natural appearance.  I use DNI’s Sheer-Tinted Moisturizer or DNI’s BB Cream, just contact us to order either of these.  BB Cream will moisturize, brighten, nourish and protect skin and is the latest in tinted moisturizers.  When you need more coverage in some areas, place a quality concealer over the moisturizer for an unblemished look.  Make sure you layer the concealer on top so you keep it where it needs to stay.  If needed, you can think lightly powder to set all your makeup  in place.

Easy French ManicureFebruary 27th, 2013

Sally HansenIt takes time to maintain a manicure, especially if you care for your nails yourself.  So take a break from polishing and try this smart and easy way to keep your nails looking fabulous in a flash.  First make sure your bare nails look healthy by massaging cuticle oil or vitamin E oil over your cuticles and nails.  Wipe the excess oil from your hands and run a white nail pencil under the rims of your nails.  It fakes a french manicure and makes your nails look clean and finished.  All it takes is 5 minutes! (c) 2013, Dulcet Style, LLC

Function and Fashion Unite for this Winter TrendFebruary 6th, 2013

Lole jersey slouch hat at REI.comI love when a hot trend is not only very fashionable but it is functional at the same time.  That is why I adore this particular trend so much, since I live in the chilly Midwest.  Any trend that is warm, I embrace.   A slouchy knit hat is just that plus it is incredibly cute. This style of  hat are usually knit, woven or crocheted, and the key to keeping this look current is the fit of it.  Make sure it is slouchy and roomy.  Then wear your hair down, in front of your ears, for a casual cool look.  Since they are so stretchy and roomy it won’t flatten your hair. If you have noticed the look on the street lately, you will see this type of hat all over the place.  It is everywhere on TV, in the fashion magazines and of course sported by celebrities.  It can look cute with matching mittens and a knit type scarf in the same color family. I also love the fact that it can either be worn as a casual look or dressy.  It just depends on what you pair it with.    A quilted parka would be a nice pairing for a casual look or pair it with your classic pea coat for a dressier option.  Whatever you choose, I guarantee you will love this cozy hat and it will become a winter time staple for you. (c) 2013, Dulcet Style LLC

Nylons with Peep ToesJanuary 9th, 2013

I had a question asked recently: can I wear tights or colored nylons with peep toe shoes? The answer is yes, you can and it is a look I love!  Both opaque tights and dark nylons look great with a cut out or peep toe shoe.  Stay away from bold prints as that looks like there is too much going on with the open toe; save the trendy print tights for a fashion forward look with a pair of boots.  Just remember to tuck under the seam at the toes so it doesn’t show.


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