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How to Have Perfect LipsDecember 27th, 2009

The dry weather this time of year can wreak havoc on not only on your skin, but your lips too. Here are four quick steps to have a perfect lip every day!

Exfoliate – Especially in the winter months. There are grainy lip scrubs youSephora.comcan buy, but sugar actually works just as well and tastes way sweeter! Just rub the scrub in a circular motion around your lips. That will remove any dead skin you may have.
Moisturize – Use a heavy lip salve to hydrate your lips every morning and every night before going to bed. Use it also throughout the day as needed. Keep the lip balm handy in your purse, car, or desk.
Line Lips – Find a lip liner that is the same color as your lips. Line and fill in your lips with this color. This sets a great foundation for you.

NARS Lip Gloss at

NARS Lip Gloss at

Gloss – Apply a clear or slightly tinted gloss over your liner. This gives you a natural, yet put together lip that will look great every day

Five, Four, Three, Two, One….Christmas!December 21st, 2009

It’s hard not to get excited this time of year, especially if you have children at home asking every day if it is Christmas yet.  Now that the final week has arrived the time will fly.  Here’s the fashion question of the day.  What to wear Christmas morning?  Please let me suggest that you not wear your pj’s.  This look is great for the kiddos and looks super cute for those Christmas morning snapshots, but for us adults the look is sloppy and does not look good in photos.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort to throw on a sweater and jeans or even lounge pants for those who want to remain ultra comfy.  I would suggest a v-neck sweater which elongates the neck and makes your face look thinner for photos, if you own one in a festive color all the better.  Now that the fashion question is answered relax, open those gifts and SMILE.  Merry Christmas!

Fashion at the OfficeDecember 12th, 2009

It’s sometimes hard to show your fashion savvy when you are constricted by what is considered proper business attire at work.  You can be stylish and professional at the same time; the key is knowing what is acceptable for your particular business industry and add a little fashion flair from there. J. Crew Cashmere SweaterIf you work as a teacher or a social worker, if your industry is people oriented, you need to have a professional look, but at the same time present an approachable friendly look.  A nice cashmere sweater with a neutral pant would create a friendly look.  Just add a handkerchief scarf around your neck for some style and a thin leather belt around your waist to complete the outfit. J. Crew Pencil SkirtCreative businesses like an interior decorator or someone in advertising gives you much more leeway. You can mix your patterns a little more and go for the statement shoes or jewelry.  Just remember to keep it professional.  A black pencil skirt paired with a tiger print blouse and platform heels will look great on you. If you’re always moving and need to be comfortable, such as a day care provider or factory worker, keep it simple but stylish.  You are the lucky one who can Tretorn Shoeswear those cute cargo pants, a pair of fun tennies, and your favorite cotton v-neck.  Add a pretty pendant and hoop earrings to top it off. You are the most restricted when it comes to the traditional businesses like a banker or accountant.  You can take some liberties with your jewelry and shoe color though, so concentrate on that.  Wear your favorite suit with a fabulous chunky necklace and red Infinity Necklacepumps.  Just make sure the shoes are traditional in style and not too high in heel height. So have some fun with your everyday work look, just know your industry and infuse a little chic!

How to Roll Your Jeans PerfectlyDecember 1st, 2009

Joe's Jeans Rolled Ankle Chelsea in Connor

Joe's Jeans Rolled Ankle Chelsea in Connor

Rolling your jeans is a hot look now even in fall with a cute shoe bootie.  But how do you make sure it looks right every time?  First roll the hems loosely; we’re not looking for perfection here.  The roll should hit 2-3” above the ankle.  Now look in the mirror and see if they are even with each other.  The best jeans for this are a great pair of boyfriend jeans, but straight leg and boot cut work well too.

And Your Favorite Color of the Season is….November 24th, 2009

PURPLE!  63% of you picked this awesome fall shade as your favorite.  A distant second was Cobalt at 27%.  Hot Pink came in third.  Yellow and “None of the above”  tied for last.  We love the shades of purple that are out there in the stores, so make sure to add a great purple piece to your wardrobe this season!


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