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How to Belt a ShirtDecember 23rd, 2010

Belts are very popular right now and a fun look is belting an untucked shirt.  This looks great on a button down or shell.  But how do you get it to look just right?  Here is the key: make sure the shirt hits below your hips. If it is shorter than that, when you cinch it with the belt, it will look a little funny because it is too short and not hitting you in a flattering spot. And since cool weather is now here,  try belting your sweater as well.  Or for a really “now” look, belt an open cardigan!

Re-purposingDecember 9th, 2010

Ok, so you’ve been putting off cleaning that closet out.  Maybe it is too overwhelming or maybe the thought of actually getting rid of stuff makes you uneasy.  What if you lost 5 pounds and might fit into that favorite skirt again?  Or maybe that fringed leather jacket will come back in style again so you wouldn’t feel like an 80’s throwback wearing it in public.  Well, listen up because we’ve got a few ideas for you to give those old wardrobe items new purposes.

First and most importantly find a great tailor/alterations person in your area.  You need to Closet Clutterdo a little research on this one because this is a make or break step.  We recommend referrals from others as the best way to find out who is good.  Ask friends and also stores you like to shop in who they use for their alterations.  You can also look in the phone book or online.  Don’t forget asking a local fabric shop for recommendations, since they probably purchase their supplies locally this can be a good place to check.

Now you have someone you think can handle the job test him or her out with something simple like a hem before taking them any major jobs.  This is a great way to see how they work, what the time line is and what they charge.  Make sure this is a good fit for you too, since you will probably be investing some money in them and you need to be able to work well together.

Let’s get to work!  This process requires some creative brainpower so be sure to block out some time from your schedule so you can concentrate.  We’ve come up with a few items we think might be hanging around in your closet that could be revived.  Here’s our list:
We will start with an easy one, the floor or ankle length skirt.  You know the one we are talking about.  It has a long slit in the back or side or maybe both sides.  This skirt can easily be cut off and hemmed to an appropriate length for you.  What about that suit jacket that is unflattering because it is too long, has shoulder pads, the stance (where the suit meets at the bust) gaps, the hardware is dated or just doesn’t feel right?  These problems can most likely be taken care of.  A good tailor can change the length, remove shoulder pads, take out the seams out or in to allow for more or less movement, and change the buttons for a more updated look.  Dress pants are another item that can be revived but there is one exception; pleats….ditch ‘em!  If you’ve lost weight and they are too baggy the seat and waist band can be taken in about two sizes.  Likewise if they are snug you can check to see if the pants can be taken out a bit in the waist and seat.  This can only be done if there is enough material so let the expert check them out.  What about sentimental pieces like that sweater you got while traveling in Scotland?  Or that bridesmaids dress from your best friend’s wedding?  Or the fur your husband got you as a gift?  These pieces can be turned into great ornate memory pillows that you can share with others.  What better way to connect with that friend than for you each to have a memory pillow from her special day?

There are many other wardrobe items that can be given new life and re-purposed.  Hopefully this will get you in the mindset to start thinking about what can be revived in your closet.  One last thing to remember, when you can’t find that perfect fitting wardrobe piece buy an item a size larger and have it tailored to fit.  Nothing screams expensive and gives a confidence boost like a great fitting suit for that killer job interview or jeans for that special date night!

Emergency Fashion FixesNovember 12th, 2010

Here are a few of our favorite emergency fixes!

Loose Button:  Peel away the paper from a twist tie, and insert the wire through button and fabric; twist.

Static Cling: Run your hands over a new dryer sheet; lightly pat down the charged-up fabric.

Fallen Hem:  Use masking tape to hold up the fold temporarily.

Water Spots –  To remove stubborn water spots from silk or wool hold your iron above the stain and blast a light burst of steam.

Sweater Pull - Use a pin or toothpick to push snagged yarns back through.

Stuck Zipper – Rub a pencil lead or a bar of soap on the zipper’s teeth.

In the Dressing Room: How to Fit a BlouseOctober 22nd, 2010

JCPenney Button DownFit is everything, so when you are in the dressing room trying to find the perfect top, keep these tips in mind when looking in the mirror.

Shoulders – Make sure the seam makes a perfect vertical line from the top of your shoulder to your arm pit.  If it hits south of that it is too big, or if it is further up on  your shoulder it is too small.

Buttons – Check for gaping on your button down shirts.  It is too tight if there is any pull between the buttons.  A tight shirt will make you look bigger than you are.

Neckline – Make sure the neckline is not too low.  Bend over and look in the mirror to see if any bra or too much boob is exposed.

Sleeves – Blouse sleeves should hit at the bony part of your wrist, where it bends.  If you are trying on a 3/4 length sleeve, it should end on the middle area of your arm between your elbow and wrist.

Hem – if you are going to wear the shirt untucked you need to see where the hemline will fall.  A little above the hips or below the hips is best.  A hemline that falls right at your hips can make the look boxy.

And make sure the top is comfortable and in your color, and works for your body type.  Otherwise it will end up hanging in the back of your closet never worn, and that is a waste of money.

Are you in a Makeup Rut?October 11th, 2010

DNI MakeupAre you stuck in  a rut, wearing the same makeup the same way since your favorite decade of past? Do you struggle with makeup application, not knowing how much or where it really should go? Do you know you wear too much or too little, but don’t have the courage to change? Do you understand what all those darn brushes are for?

Yikes!  We can help.  We’ll show you simple techniques that you will be able to use.  We’ll show you how to do a perfect five minute face or a dramatic “look how hot I am!”  face for going out.  And you can feel comfortable asking us questions you might consider dumb, because we won’t think it is dumb at all  - not every woman is born makeup savvy! We don’t make your face up for you – we show you how to do it yourself!


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