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The New “Go To” Colors – Olive, Tan and GreySeptember 25th, 2010

Put away your black!  Yes, you heard me.  New neutrals are taking center stage for fall and these are the ones you’ll want to incorporate into your wardrobe to keep your look fresh.

Scuba Lean Trousers in Grey

Scuba Lean Trousers in Grey

The new black is grey this season.  So to update, instead of buying your usual workhorse black boots for the winter season, have some fun and choose a dark grey pair instead.  Another quick update would be to buy a handbag in a medium grey.  And if your coloring is suited for it,a light grey scarf would look amazing.

Tan or camel is another biggie.  These are colors I know I will not be wearing near my face, it makes me look awful since I’m a winter.  But I will be looking for pants, belts and shoes in this neutral.  If you are able, a jacket or sweater in this color is a perfect option.

And finally, ready to join the army?  Maybe the biggest colors of the season – olive and army green.  Again, choose carefully where to place it on your body.  You’ll find this color in cargos, capris, jackets, cardigans, canvas shoes, messenger bags –  just about everything.  The color has a casual vibe, but it can be dressed up for a fun look too.

But thankfully, the designers who set the trends have not gone completely bland.  Color is still very big, especially in purple and cobalt blue.  So have fun mixing and matching the current nuetrals and bold colors for your unique look!

Join us for a Virtual Style PartySeptember 21st, 2010

This will be so much fun as we team up with Laurie Moritz of Running Spirit Coaching for our first style webinar!  This style party is available to the first 100 who register and it’s free!  go to to register, then join us from the comfort of your home via the internet on:

October 6th, 2010  7:00-8:00 CST

I will be styling a few Running Spirit Coaching clients who have issues common to most women.  Then we plan on opening the floor to anyone’s question.   This will be so much fun!  Hope you can join us!

How to Transition your Summer Wardrobe to FallSeptember 15th, 2010

It’s hard to think fall when the temperature is still so warm outside!  So just how do you change your look for the upcoming season and still keep cool when it is so warm?  The easiest way to achieve this is with accessories.  Think rich colored scarves, groovy necklaces and great shoes to create a transitional look.  That favorite summer sweater or tee will instantly look updated with a great scarf in one of falls new colors.  You can also use that same scarf in your hair to add some fall color or as a belt to again create a new look with your summer wardrobe.
I am excited that necklaces are still on the fashion radar for fall.  Look for multi-strand necklaces in metals that compliment your skin tone.  Other necklaces to try would be ombre beaded necklaces, pendants of large stones, and large beaded necklaces also create interest and help to bring in color.  Just remember to keep it long this season and full of interest.
Start shopping for your fall shoes early so you can be sure to get your size.  I am seeing a lot of great shoes for fall including one of my favorites, the peep-toe shoe boot.  This is a shoe that can be worn with tights to update summer skirts and dresses, and we love that same look with capri’s.  Just make sure the material is not too summery and light like linen.
This is also a good time to start purchasing your fall make-up.  Pick a new color to try on your eyes like teal or gold.  Paint your toe nails a fall shade like purple which is everywhere now.  Choose a shade that is rich and dark, not to blue.   Toss out that lip gloss and replace it with a creamy lipstick for a “now” look.
These simple tips will help you get that extra few weeks of warm weather wear from your current wardrobe and get you warmed up for fall shopping at the same time.

How to Find the Perfect BagAugust 26th, 2010

Finding the perfect isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Just when you find what looks like a great bag, you discover something is lacking in it and you begin the search again.  So we’re going to give you the most important elements to consider when shopping for your perfect bag. Naturalizer.comColor – Brighten and lighten the color for Spring/Summer and deepen and darken the color for Fall/Winter.  And most important – make sure it is a color that is in your color palette so it will be flattering next to you. Size – It should be roomy enough to fit your essentials, but within your size comfort range, and proportionate to your body.  If you are not comfortable with the current assortment of large bags, stick with a medium size.  Don’t ever feel pressured to follow all the trends.  If you love a big, bold style – go for it!  But beware – don’t let it overwhelm you if you have a small frame. Straps – Comfort is key here.  Do you like handles, totes, clutches or a shoulder strap?  Stick with whatever feels most comfortable on your body. Details – Some bags are heavy on the hardware or have flashy details.  If you have a more subdued personality, a simple exterior will be more your style. Extras – There is a huge variety when it comes to the interior design of purses.  And this is one area you’ll want to make sure you get what you want, because if you buy a bag that doesn’t have what you need for load-ability, it will sit on your shelf.  Think of what works for you.  How many zip pockets do you need, where is the cell phone pocket located, is there a convenient place for your wallet and keys?  How about external pockets? Use – How do you spend most of your day?  Buy a bag that will fit into your daily routine, whether it is work, errands, or socializing.  You can change bags for special events, but your “perfect” bag must work with what you spend most of your hours doing.

How much money do you spend at your hair appointments?August 15th, 2010

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