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How to Look RichAugust 12th, 2010

I have to say personally, I could care less how rich or poor someone is, all that matters is the kind of person they are.  And to me, although many disagree, the tag on your clothes don’t mean beans.  That being said,  some people want the look of financial success, even if it’s just for a night, say for a class reunion.  So if that is your goal, this is what you need to wear to make your statement.  Begin with classic foundation pieces, like a wool black pencil skirt and a quality blouse.  Then it’s all about the accessories.  Your jewelry – you don’t have to wear real diamonds, no one can tell if they are fake.   A designer handbag – again, you can go with a fake or find the real thing at deep discounts on ebay.   Your watch – I’ve heard pawn shops are an excellent place to find luxury timepieces.  And finally your shoes.  You can find high end shoes again on ebay.  Another great place to check is Gilt for all your accessories (and more).  You’ll need an invite to join their shopping site, just email us and we’ll send you one.  I hope this helps anyone who wants to look like they are living large.  But just one piece of advice, it really feels best to just be who you are.

What to Wear to a Summer BrunchJuly 25th, 2010

Cynthia Dress at Fossil.comIs there anything better than a brunch date on a beautiful summer morning?  I think not!  So what should you wear?  A playful sundress of course.  Find one in cotton for comfort and in one of your colors.  Then accessorize it with a woven belt for a casual edge.  Top it off with your favorite wedges and you have a ready to go ensemble.  How easy was that?

How to do the Perfect PonyJuly 18th, 2010

Sephora.comSomeone recently asked how I did my “perfect” ponytail.  It’s not that hard I told her, just keep these tips in mind.  Do not put it above the crown, you’ll look like a cheerleader if you do.  The perfect placement is found by following the line of your cheekbones to the back of your head.  You only need a little volume at the crown, and an easy way to achieve just the right “oomph”  is by first placing your pony low at the neckline then divide it into two sections and pull it up to where it belongs.  That will give you volume on top and nice tight sides.  One of my favorite looks is to use a plastic clear band and then wrap a section of my hair around the band and secure it with a bobby pin.  It’s gives it a finishing touch that is a little more formal.

Trend I Love: The Printed BlouseJuly 7th, 2010

Michael Kors Java Circle Top at Zappos

Michael Kors Java Circle Top at Zappos

These pretty tops are flowy and comfortable plus best of all the hide any tummy or hip troubles we may have.  They come in a multitude of pretty prints, another great camouflage trick, and are in all the stores right now.  The printed blouse includes the peasant blouse, but some of the designs and cuts go beyond that description.  And they are so versatile you can wear them alone or under a suit jacket.  They look the best paired with jeans, but also good with a straight skirt or trouser.  Just make sure not to wear something with a lot of volume on the bottom, with the volume on the top it would be too overwhelming.

Ladies, Please Remember This Every Morning!June 29th, 2010


I have a very specific skin care routine that I will swear by.  It involves some key products that protect my skin and improve the signs of aging.  One of the most important is one I use every day.  Sunscreen.  If only I had begun using this on my face when I was a teenager, I may look five years younger right now.  Instead like most teens, I baked in the sun and was convinced the only way I looked good was with a dark tan.  Now, I am so much the wiser and wouldn’t think of stepping out of my house in the morning without it.  I hope you do too, because believe me, the damaging effect of the sun will rear its ugly head someday!  My sunscreen of choice is by Neutrogena.  Really, you can’t go wrong with any of their products and this particular one has Helioplex, a super sunblocker of UVA and UVB rays.  So please make sure this product becomes one of the must do steps in your morning routine


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