Are you in a Makeup Rut?

DNI MakeupAre you stuck in  a rut, wearing the same makeup the same way since your favorite decade of past? Do you struggle with makeup application, not knowing how much or where it really should go? Do you know you wear too much or too little, but don’t have the courage to change? Do you understand what all those darn brushes are for?

Yikes!  We can help.  We’ll show you simple techniques that you will be able to use.  We’ll show you how to do a perfect five minute face or a dramatic “look how hot I am!”  face for going out.  And you can feel comfortable asking us questions you might consider dumb, because we won’t think it is dumb at all  - not every woman is born makeup savvy! We don’t make your face up for you – we show you how to do it yourself!

One Response to “Are you in a Makeup Rut?”

  1. Anna says:

    Hi, regular reader and commenter here! ;-) . I want all to know that the Makeup Dulcet Stlye uses and sells is DNI and it is amazing. It’s really some of the best stuff out there, so wanted to spread the word. BTW gals, love your color makeup kit!