Emergency Fashion Fixes

Here are a few of our favorite emergency fixes!

Loose Button:  Peel away the paper from a twist tie, and insert the wire through button and fabric; twist.

Static Cling: Run your hands over a new dryer sheet; lightly pat down the charged-up fabric.

Fallen Hem:  Use masking tape to hold up the fold temporarily.

Water Spots –  To remove stubborn water spots from silk or wool hold your iron above the stain and blast a light burst of steam.

Sweater Pull - Use a pin or toothpick to push snagged yarns back through.

Stuck Zipper – Rub a pencil lead or a bar of soap on the zipper’s teeth.

One Response to “Emergency Fashion Fixes”

  1. w.m. says:

    I love the useful information. Your blog is one of the best out there. I am a slob so I’ll be using your water spot tip for sure!!!