How to Enhance a Flat Tush

Flap Pocket JeanIt’s a question we are asked all the time!  Seems hard to believe, but pocket style makes all the difference.  We all can’t have back sides like Beyonce so there are a few tricks of the trade to help out those that are not as well endowed.  First of all make sure you buy jeans that DO have pockets.  You need to add depth, so going pocket less will emphasis the flatness of the area.  You need to pay close attention to the size of the pockets and the space between them.  You are going to want a medium to larger pocket size that is spaced closer rather than further apart (there is nothing worse than a flat wide looking bottom).  Remember you want to create the illusion of depth.  As far as pocket styles are concerned you are fortunate that the flap pocket style is popular and is a great option for you; look for an asymmetrical flap with a snap or button closure.  Along with the flap pocket, look for stitching designs, and neutral colored pocket patterns; even pockets with seaming will create depth.  These tricks will take your tush from flat to fabulous!

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