Everyone Needs a Menswear Jacket

Boyfriend JacketWhy?  Because it can transform an outfit into a completely different look.  It is a fabulous transitional piece that should be hanging in your closet and I guarantee you will wear it all the time.

Now the menswear jacket has a masculine feel with a slightly feminine cut.  Think of the jackets you would find your husband, boyfriend, or dad wearing.  Those are the inspirations designers have pulled on to create these chic jackets for us women.

The Tuxedo Jacket is a popular version.  It has a dressier vibe so it is great for work or more formal events.  Pair it with trousers, suit pants or an A-line skirt.  It even looks great over a cocktail dress.  It makes your strappy or summer time dresses transition into the colder months.

Some jackets will have more feminine details than others.  Seaming, pleating, piping and bold shoulders can be found on jackets to create a unique look.  A classic menswear jacket can be dressed up or dressed down, so keep it available for not only your professional capsule but include for your everyday chic look.

The Boyfriend Jacket has endless possibilities.  This is one menswear jacket you can truly dress down with a pair of jeans, but still keep it business-like with a pair of trousers and stacked loafers . They come in a variety of fabrics from tweed to cotton to silk.  One of my favorite looks with a boyfriend jacket is with a button down underneath and the cuffs of the shirt turned up and over the ends of the jacket sleeves.

So whether you choose to wear your menswear jacket with a formal skirt, a pair of pants or your favorite comfy jeans, it is an updated chic look to show off.  I guarantee you will wear your jacket all the time because this piece simply has endless possibilities!

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2 Responses to “Everyone Needs a Menswear Jacket”

  1. Betty says:

    Just wanted to say you have a great site and thanks for posting!

  2. cassa b. says:

    Hi, this is a great post! Thanks for discussing the menswear trend – I love it and always look for style tips when it comes to dressing that style. I agree this jacket is a must have.