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What Your Handbag Says About YouJune 23rd, 2012

Fossil Maddox Satchel at Zappos.comWhat does your handbag tell the outside world about you? Well, believe it or not, it speaks volumes about you and your lifestyle. Here are a few fun things to take into consideration when evaluating yours or another’s handbag of choice.

First take a look at the material of the bag. Is it cloth or leather? Perhaps the person carrying the material bag doesn’t believe in using animal hides for fashion. Or they might need a lighter material bag because of back concerns.

Now look at the style. Hands free over the shoulder might mean they are very busy and can’t be bothered by carrying handles of a handbag (or they might have a young child that needs to be carried instead of the bag). A small close to the body bag like a messenger style is minimalistic and non-fussy. A satchel style or doctors bag screams classic, conservative. The opposite would be a never-full style, almost tote like bag which says …here I am, you can’t miss me or my bag.

Consider color. Do you always pick conservative neutrals, or take a chance with bold hues? This one is a no-brainer to figure out. The person with the bold or metallic bag just might be more of a risk taker than the neutral colored bag owner who switches bags like clockwork each season…never wanting to be seen with a lighter colored bag in what they view as the “wrong” time of year.

Speaking of switching purses, do you change your styles regularly? Or maybe you can’t be bothered with such fussiness and wear the same one until it is no longer useable.
Does your bag of choice have to sport a name brand or be recognizable as “the” bag celebrities are carrying currently? Maybe a “knock-off” or “styled-like” bag is more your style and budget. If either of these works for you and is within your handbag allowance we say go for it if it is of importance to you.
Now look inside. Is your bag over the top bulging full? Can’t get it closed? If you sport this look continuously it could lead to others thinking you are unorganized and not in control. It is important to go through your purse on a regular basis and purge what isn’t needed, or most importantly doesn’t belong in there. If your bag always seems to be full, maybe you should consider a larger style if it’s suited for your frame. It is always amazing, all the different junk that ends up in our purse. An organized handbag is just like having a clean house, it’s a great feeling!

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A Pastel Perfect VacationMarch 14th, 2012

With spring break here, it is the perfect time to debut some of the key trends for the season. Whether your destination is to the beach or adventuring to the slopes, there are universal tips and pieces to keep in mind when packing. One major trend seen on the runways for spring is pastels, and there are many ways to style this trend on your vacation. Try one of these ideas for yourself:

  1. For a dinner after a day at the beach, try a pop of pastel with Colored Denim.
  2. A cozy night in the ski lodge, this shawl is the perfect shade of pink and can be layered over a neutral or other pastel color.Women's Shawl Cardigan Wrap at Old Navy
  3. Accessorize with this salmon colored clutch for a day or night look.Brahmin Lady Melbourne Collection Audrey Clutch at Dillards
  4. A lightweight floral scarf can be styled with just a t-shirt or layered with a sweater depending on your vacation destination.

When packing and shopping for your last minute vacation items, venture to the pastel palettes and focus on what works best for you. If colored pants are too wild for you, start with a simple accessory. It is imperative to find the happy medium of sticking to your style and also dipping out of your comfort zone. Vacations are all about kicking back and relaxing, and always do so in style!

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Celebrate Valentines Day With StyleFebruary 11th, 2012

Valentine’s Day, labeled the “Hallmark Holiday”, is either loved or hated depending on your relational status. Whether you’re single or in a relationship this day can be happily celebrated by all. Either catch up with girlfriends with a night out or potluck dinner, or spend it with a loved one with a romantic dinner or relaxing wine night at home.

Heart Shaped Ring at CatbirdI have a couple suggestions on gifts that will express your love for a best girlfriend, mom or sister.  If she is classic and lady-like then she will embrace the heart shape that symbolizes this day with a sweet delicate heart ring.

If she is a fun-loving type she will definitely love these cozy pajama bottoms.  Valentines PJ Pants at Gap

However you decide to spend your Valentine’s Day and whatever presents you choose to give, make sure to celebrate in style!

Update your Watch with These Trendy ChoicesJanuary 11th, 2012

AK Anne Klein Brown Ceramic Watch at Dillards

Want a quick update to your look?  An easy way is through accessories and updating a central accessory worn everyday is a good choice, such as your watch.  There are some recent trends in watches that are a lot of fun.  My favorite has to be the use of ceramic.  It lends such a chic look to any outfit.  And you don’t have to stick with your basic white either, there is a myriad of colors available from black, to shades of brown, even hot pink if you desire.  Don’t worry that it will be too delicate for everyday use, new technology has made it much more durable and scratch resistant.

Another great option in watches that is unique but very on trend is rose gold watches.  This metallic shade looks great on a larger chunky, menswear inspired watch since it is not as intense as yellow gold.  But don’t be afraid to buy it in any style, a feminine piece in rose gold sets off a romantically modern look.  Its color is low-key and blends nicely with a casual or dressier fare, so it works nicely for an everyday watch as well.

Try one of these watches to bring your look simple sophistication, or better yet, try both!

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How to Wear a BroochNovember 22nd, 2011

There are really no rules to wearing a broach except to not limit them to your Broochwinter wool coat. Try something more exciting like a sweater or dress. On a sweater you can make the broach the center of attention by placing it in the middle of the v neckline or place a few (no more than three) off to the side near the bottom of the collarbone. When wearing a dress a broach looks fantastically elegant when worn on the waistband, either in the center or off to the side. Most of all have fun with the look. Just don’t overdo it and keep the rest of your outfit and make-up simple.

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