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Test Your Knowledge With Our Fashion QuizSeptember 7th, 2012

There is much debate about fashion and many opinions out there. Fashion trends come and go and opinions change on what is acceptable and what is not. So are you in the know? Check below for the answers for some of the most asked questions we receive.

Can you wear metallic during the day?

Yes, a metallic is great for day or night. The trick is not over doing it when wearing it as a daytime look. For daytime pair a great metallic peep-toe or sandals with trousers or wide legged jeans, and grab a great bag, like a metallic snake-skin one. It is a chic option for a handbag, plus it adds texture to an outfit.

Do your shoes and bag have to match?

No, they don’t have to match. In fact, if they don’t, it adds even more interest to your outfit. A neutral outfit looks great with a bright colored shoe and a more neutral bag. If in doubt keep the shoe and bag within the same color palette as your outfit.

Can you mix patterns and textures?

Yes, and you should! A silk blouse looks great with a tweed jacket; and a pin dot or floral shirt can look great with a pin stripe pant. Again, this is a great way to add dimension to your outfit. Just remember when mixing patterns to find a mutual color in both patterns to unify the look.

Can you wear white after Labor Day?

Yes, you can wear white in the fall and winter. Just keep the fabrics heavier for an appropriate cooler weather vibe. And make sure to keep the white looking white, which can be difficult with the messy weather we can have in certain parts of the country. For an updated look, try pairing a bright white shirt with an off-white jacket or winter white pants with your favorite sweater. Make the outfit “pop” with a colored accessory.

Should you match your eye makeup to your outfits?

No, wear eye makeup that accents your eye color and complexion. This is a good way to update your look. You want your eyes to look bright and alive so be sure to wear eye colors that compliment them and your skin tone. Find out your colors with a Color Analysis so you can get it right.

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Make Your Manicure LastAugust 20th, 2012

Tired of your manicure lasting only a few days?  Well there are key products that you need to be using and special maintenance tips that will ensure that your polish will last over a week. Start off with a clear base coat, it provides the needed foundation for your polish plus it will keep your nails from yellowing. A quality nail polish is important too, it will last longer and create durability.  Nicole also makes a great polish in an endless amount of colors.  This shade that we love is called Ink a Dink Pink.  The names alone make it fun to buy Nicole by OPI polishes! Apply a top coat that will bond with your polish and strengthen your nail and prevent chipping. The final step uses our favorite product and we think the most important step in achieving the perfect long lasting manicure.  It is OPI Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops with Jojoba & Vitamin E Nail Polish.  Simply dribble it over your top coat about 60 seconds after application.  This will harden your polish and create the salon shine that is hard to replicate at home.  This one is a must have – don’t skip this step! So now that you have the perfect products, you must do a little maintenance to make sure your manicure will last.  Try these tips: Brush on a layer of top coat 2 to 3 times throughout the week Apply Vitamin E Oil or Cuticle Oil to your nails daily Wear gloves to protect your manicure while doing activities such as gardening or dishes Finally, you can’t have a fabulous long lasting manicure without a strong nail to begin with.  To keep your nails from being weak or brittle, you need to use a combination of clipping and filing your nails.  First you need to trim your nails with a clipper, starting at the sides not the center.  You want to create a natural curve that won’t lead to breakage.  Then smooth out edges with an emery board, never a metal file which is to harsh on natural nails and intended only for artificial nails.  Keep the emery board horizontal, filing the surface parallel and then tipped toward the bottom on corners.  File in one direction and avoid filing the sides of your nails because that can lead to cracks and tears. (c) 2012, Dulcet Style, All Rights Reserved

Shorts in the Office?July 21st, 2012

Coldwater Creek Seersucker Shorts

A question I have been asked several times is it appropriate to wear shorts to the office?  My answer is, it depends.  If your workplace has a relaxed dress code or if you are in a creative field, then it is acceptable to wear.   However, there are some things you should keep in mind when attempting this look to avoid looking like you are heading out for a day at the beach.

To make sure this look is done right you need to choose shorts that fall just above the knee.  Choose a solid, neutral color as well to keep a more professional look to the outfit.  When shopping for you shorts, you will want to find ones in a quality material such as sturdy stretch cotton.  This will keep the shorts from having a too casual look.  Finally, you need to make sure you are pairing your shorts with the right tops and accessories.  Choose dressier pieces to keep your look professional.  Good choices are a tie neck blouse or fitted blazer.  A bold necklace or bracelet will set the outfit off.  Finish with the perfect shoe; a pump, wedge or embellished flat.

Follow these guidelines and you will be set for the office while enjoying the comfort and coolness of shorts.

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Easy Outfit CreationJuly 11th, 2012

fashion 1We can do so much with fashion. You can create a whole new silhouette for yourself just by the garments you put on your body; it’s possible to look 10 pounds thinner just by the choices you make. You can look healthier and younger just by choosing the right colors in your wardrobe and you can also improve your self-esteem and confidence by creating up to date, choice outfits that make you look like a million bucks. The problem is, it’s easy for some and others need more guidance when choosing clothes that will create an eye-catching and stylish look. If you are struggling a bit, just remember these few tips:

  • Choose clothes that you feel comfortable in, flatter your body and compliment your coloring. Dressing for your style, body and color ensures a polished and pulled-together look that will play up your assets.
  • Make sure you have all the fashion basics in your wardrobe, such as dark denim jeans, a basic blazer or button-down shirt, etc. These are the foundation on which you will build your outfits.
  • Accessories will complete your outfit. Consider adding a unique scarf or a couple striking pieces of jewelry, or a funky belt. Don’t forget that handbags, watches and even sunglasses craft a fashionable and cool look. To look effortlessly chic incorporate several of these handy fashion toppers when styling yourself.
  • The most important tip is to ask for help when you need it. That’s what Dulcet Style is here for, to help you dress your absolute best without the stress.

Our style program “My Stylist” is a perfect example of that. You will receive personalized styling tailored just for you and your needs, by concentrating on your style, body type, color and age. Plus you will receive chic style advice via video and audio that is only offered through this program. Shopping Appointments, Closet Audits and Special Occasion Styling is available to you throughout the year. Contact us to sign up. That truly is “Easy Outfit Creation!”

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What Your Handbag Says About YouJune 23rd, 2012

Fossil Maddox Satchel at Zappos.comWhat does your handbag tell the outside world about you? Well, believe it or not, it speaks volumes about you and your lifestyle. Here are a few fun things to take into consideration when evaluating yours or another’s handbag of choice.

First take a look at the material of the bag. Is it cloth or leather? Perhaps the person carrying the material bag doesn’t believe in using animal hides for fashion. Or they might need a lighter material bag because of back concerns.

Now look at the style. Hands free over the shoulder might mean they are very busy and can’t be bothered by carrying handles of a handbag (or they might have a young child that needs to be carried instead of the bag). A small close to the body bag like a messenger style is minimalistic and non-fussy. A satchel style or doctors bag screams classic, conservative. The opposite would be a never-full style, almost tote like bag which says …here I am, you can’t miss me or my bag.

Consider color. Do you always pick conservative neutrals, or take a chance with bold hues? This one is a no-brainer to figure out. The person with the bold or metallic bag just might be more of a risk taker than the neutral colored bag owner who switches bags like clockwork each season…never wanting to be seen with a lighter colored bag in what they view as the “wrong” time of year.

Speaking of switching purses, do you change your styles regularly? Or maybe you can’t be bothered with such fussiness and wear the same one until it is no longer useable.
Does your bag of choice have to sport a name brand or be recognizable as “the” bag celebrities are carrying currently? Maybe a “knock-off” or “styled-like” bag is more your style and budget. If either of these works for you and is within your handbag allowance we say go for it if it is of importance to you.
Now look inside. Is your bag over the top bulging full? Can’t get it closed? If you sport this look continuously it could lead to others thinking you are unorganized and not in control. It is important to go through your purse on a regular basis and purge what isn’t needed, or most importantly doesn’t belong in there. If your bag always seems to be full, maybe you should consider a larger style if it’s suited for your frame. It is always amazing, all the different junk that ends up in our purse. An organized handbag is just like having a clean house, it’s a great feeling!

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