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Create a Look Book of Inspiration OutfitsJune 22nd, 2013

Pinterest outfitHave you ever looked in a magazine and saw an outfit that stood out as a creation that you wish you had on your body?  I call these outfits “Inspiration Outfits”.  It’s a fun idea to create a binder of full of these inspiration outfits, which I like to call a Look Book, pulling ideas from fashion magazines, the internet (check out our Pinterest page) and runway photos.  When choosing outfits make sure they are a flattering cut to your body, some things that look fabulous in photos are not going to suit you in particular.  What is so fun about this is seeing new fashion pieces, then applying it to your wardrobe and mixing things up a bit.  It creates whole new outfits that you never would have thought of.  Your taking elements from the runway or fashion shoots and combining your wardrobe items that are similar and personalizing your Inspiration Outfit!

How to Fit a BlazerOctober 10th, 2012

Nike Fleece Blazer at Zappos.comThis is a question I have been asked a hundred times, so I always make sure to explain what I am looking for when shopping for blazers with my clients. I thought I’d share with you the key items to remember when you shop for your next blazer:

First, make sure it fits in the shoulders – The seams needs to hit right on the top curve of your shoulders. This step will eliminate a blazer that fits too tight (you know when you can’t give a hug comfortably!) or to big that your frame is drowning in the jacket.

Next, make sure you can button the blazer. If you can’t it is too tight!

Then look at the stance (where the top button hits). It is an important part of how the blazer fits that many overlook. The stance should hit below the middle of the bust, if it’s higher it can create the “uni-boob” look. And this is also an area that you don’t want to gape; if it is gaping open, the blazer is too small. It’s important to get this right since the open area above the stance helps create a longer neckline which helps to draw the eye up and create a slimmer silhouette.

The sleeves should also be checked. It should hit you at the meaty part of the inside of your hand, unless it is meant to be a 3/4 length sleeve or bell sleeves.

If you are shopping for a traditional blazer, the back hem should not completely cover your derriere. A flattering length is when it cuts your bottom right in half – which gives the fabulous illusion of a smaller butt!

So remember these steps and your blazers will always flatter!

(c) 2012, Dulcet Style, LLC

How to do Dressy JeansJanuary 20th, 2012

Jag Jeans 'Lucy' Bootcut Jeans at Nordstroms

Don’t think you have to abstain from wearing jeans when you want to look glamorous, you simply have to make sure you do it right. Here are a few stylish tips to make certain you do it properly. Make sure that your jeans are a dark wash. They project an air of elegance and sophistication that the lighter shades of denim do not. Plus the bonus of it being the most flattering shade out there! A longer cut that you wear with heels will scale it up a bit as well. Plus it will make your legs look longer and therefore your body look leaner. Glam up the look with some kind of shimmer or sparkle in your top. Choose a metallic that blends well with your skin (you should know what metallic’s work for you! You can find that out through a Color Analysis) or select an embellished top with a little bling. Top off the look with a chunky bracelet or statement earrings. Fore-go a necklace in this outfit; it would be too much with the bold top. Finish with playful shoes, ones that you would choose to wear with your formal attire. Shoes set the mood of an outfit, so stepping it up with a glamorous pair will take your outfit to the dressy level you desire. Have fun with the look and enjoy that you can wear jeans to almost any event!

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Everyone Needs a Menswear JacketOctober 9th, 2011

Boyfriend JacketWhy?  Because it can transform an outfit into a completely different look.  It is a fabulous transitional piece that should be hanging in your closet and I guarantee you will wear it all the time.

Now the menswear jacket has a masculine feel with a slightly feminine cut.  Think of the jackets you would find your husband, boyfriend, or dad wearing.  Those are the inspirations designers have pulled on to create these chic jackets for us women.

The Tuxedo Jacket is a popular version.  It has a dressier vibe so it is great for work or more formal events.  Pair it with trousers, suit pants or an A-line skirt.  It even looks great over a cocktail dress.  It makes your strappy or summer time dresses transition into the colder months.

Some jackets will have more feminine details than others.  Seaming, pleating, piping and bold shoulders can be found on jackets to create a unique look.  A classic menswear jacket can be dressed up or dressed down, so keep it available for not only your professional capsule but include for your everyday chic look.

The Boyfriend Jacket has endless possibilities.  This is one menswear jacket you can truly dress down with a pair of jeans, but still keep it business-like with a pair of trousers and stacked loafers . They come in a variety of fabrics from tweed to cotton to silk.  One of my favorite looks with a boyfriend jacket is with a button down underneath and the cuffs of the shirt turned up and over the ends of the jacket sleeves.

So whether you choose to wear your menswear jacket with a formal skirt, a pair of pants or your favorite comfy jeans, it is an updated chic look to show off.  I guarantee you will wear your jacket all the time because this piece simply has endless possibilities!

Perks of a Great TailorMarch 23rd, 2011

When I am shopping with clients I have to keep a keen eye out for items that maybe do not fit the client perfectly off the rack, but has the potential to be tailored for a flattering fit.  This happens often when I shop with an A Frame gal or an Hourglass.  With those defined waistlines, it can be hard to find pants or jeans that will fit their bottom half and their waist at the same time.  That is when I will suggest to have the garment tailored. Having a great tailor to go to will open up so many options for you when shopping.  We can all feel constricted by our body shapes and finding clothing that will fit  our silhouette perfectly off the rack.  You should know that it is dificult to do since designers and manufacturers don’t take ito account the variety of body shapes out there.  The key thing to remember when shopping is to fit your widest part and then the clothing piece can be tailored to fit your smaller areas. This is important to consider when you have specific body issues such as short arms, small bust line, or petite stature.  It will open the door to so many possibilities if you know that your tailor can simply take in a garment to fit you. Your unique and fabulous body can wear almost anything with a good tailor in your roledex!


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