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The Essential Swimsuit GuideJune 6th, 2012

Carve Designs at Zappos

Carve Designs at Zappos

Little details in swim wear can make a huge difference in how it looks on certain body shapes. Here are the best styles to make sure you look sizzling this summer!

Hide a Tummy – A great suit to look slimmer through the middle is a one piece with ruching over the midsection. It helps to disguise any lumps and bumps.

Small Chest – A halter style top is the most flattering. For extra enhancing, look for one with padding added.

Short Legs – Buy a suit with a higher cut leg. Less fabric across the hips give the illusion of longer legs.

Short Waist – Find a suit with a belt, chain or some kind of embellishment that hangs low on the hips, it will lengthen the torso.

Large Bust – You need to find a suit with underwire to give extra support. You want to keep them up where they belong!

Bottom Heavy – A skirt style is a great option when looking for coverage on the bottom half. Look for a suit that is dark on the bottom and lighter or patterned on the top. This brings the eye up, away from the problem area.

Long Torso – Choose a two piece suit with a wide band below the bust and a higher rise in the bottom. It will reduce inches off a long midsection.

And lastly our absolute best tip to ensure that you look fabulous at the next poolside party – a great cover-up. There are so many pretty cover-ups out there right now and they are sheer and cool to wear. So if you are not planning on jumping in the water or when you are between dips, put one on and you’ll have maximum coverage while looking very stylish at the same time.

Perks of a Great TailorMarch 23rd, 2011

When I am shopping with clients I have to keep a keen eye out for items that maybe do not fit the client perfectly off the rack, but has the potential to be tailored for a flattering fit.  This happens often when I shop with an A Frame gal or an Hourglass.  With those defined waistlines, it can be hard to find pants or jeans that will fit their bottom half and their waist at the same time.  That is when I will suggest to have the garment tailored. Having a great tailor to go to will open up so many options for you when shopping.  We can all feel constricted by our body shapes and finding clothing that will fit  our silhouette perfectly off the rack.  You should know that it is dificult to do since designers and manufacturers don’t take ito account the variety of body shapes out there.  The key thing to remember when shopping is to fit your widest part and then the clothing piece can be tailored to fit your smaller areas. This is important to consider when you have specific body issues such as short arms, small bust line, or petite stature.  It will open the door to so many possibilities if you know that your tailor can simply take in a garment to fit you. Your unique and fabulous body can wear almost anything with a good tailor in your roledex!


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