Do you know the 5 Simple Steps to Effortless Chic?

  • Do you wish you were always stylish and put together?
  • Do you sometimes struggle with fashion and trends?

We are here to help!

We’ll tell you the five simple steps to take you from drab to dazzling.  We’ve created a free audio that will give you these “must have” steps and receive Dulcet Style’s free e-zine “Style Success” as an added bonus!

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Color PaletteVirtual Color Analysis - Get yours now!! 

We perform a professional analysis on you, all from the comfort of your home!  

"I just want to say that I ordered the color analysis and just got the kit last week. I read the material, popped the swatches in my purse and now it will go everywhere with me!  What a great idea!" ~Trish Sweeney, Irvine, CA 

 After your Virtual Color Analysis, you will receive in the mail:
* A Palette of 30 of your best colors
* An explanation of your particular seasonal coloring and best metals
* A reference sheet of your best 30 colors
* A handy nylon zippered pouch to carry your pallete in your purse and keep it like new 

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“I really enjoyed my experience, I look beautiful...this is such an awesome experience in so many ways for me...just saying thank you doesn't even begin to explain how much I appreciate what you have done for me. And my family is so excited for me too.”

Reba S., Tiffin, IA

Learn how you can treat yourself


Imagine knowing you always look great every time you walk out the door! 

It is possible. We created our services and products so this can be easy for you.

We love to help women feel great about themselves. It’s amazing how many women feel guilty about making themselves look better. You are worth it!

Looking better can bring wonderful, positive results in your life; improved self-esteem, and a more positive mental outlook. Which positively affects your overall health and quality of life.

Our goal is to not only help you look better, but feel better, without the guilt.


We style clients in person and virtually.


So how can we help you?

  I want to know my best colors


 I want to know how to dress my body shape


 I want to discover my style


 I want to be styled in person



I want to be styled virtually


"I’m so glad that I found Dulcet Style. Now I always have the perfect outfit to wear at a moments notice! I stand in my closet and have so many great choices that I know I look good in. And I am constantly receiving compliments!"   ~ Blair W., Coralville, IA


"Dulcet Style has helped me complete my wardrobe. I simply do not have time to shop, so they did it for me! They knew what styles would flatter my body and my personal taste and brought me great pieces that I needed for work and play. I simply told them what I wanted and met them at their studio to try on what they bought. It was so easy!"  ~ Maggie M., Iowa City, IA


"I am extremely pleased with the results in my shopping with Dulcet Style! I save time by shopping with them and I receive valuable information too. They shop for me and my body and taste. I was in a fashion rut, now I’ve updated my wardrobe to include colors and styles that work best for me." ~ Lynn B., Des Moines, IA


"By using the help of Dulcet Style I was able to buy my wife almost a whole new wardrobe without stumbling on the wrong sizes and styles etc. They actually even brought the merchandise to my place of business so I could pick out what I liked. Thus saving me time and costing me little money".  ~ Paul T., Iowa City, IA


"Working with Dulcet Style has been fabulous; they are such a great team. With their knowledge I now understand more about my personal style, individual coloring, body type and what I should be shopping for. The whole process is fascinating and makes sense from beginning to end. When I shop with them they have my best interest in mind, they are honest and genuinely interested in me. I've have even saved money by not buying clothing that ends up hanging in my closet and not worn, because now I know what to look for and what I need. They've given me the tools to do what I wasn't sure of before." ~ Amy H., Iowa


"Tracy Gringer is an engaging, talented woman and owner of Dulcet Style. I was impressed with Tracy's knowledge of color and style when I consulted with her after a large weight loss, a milestone birthday and shift in my professional branding. I don't want to look like a kid - or an old lady. I don't need to be in a suit any more, but want to have a pulled together look. Tracy and Dulcet Style are helping to achieve this without making me feel uncomfortable or requiring I spend huge amounts of money on clothes."  ~ Lisa V., Cedar Rapids, IA


"Tracy is a wonderful fashion resource. She went out of her way to provide me with excellent information with my problem of finding great jeans that fit. Thank you,Tracy for spending so much time answering my questions and helping me with my concerns."  ~ Elizabeth S., Dallas, TX

"Tracy Gringer offers an outstanding service of image consulting. She owns the Dulcet Style business and has 3 assistants and together they created magnificent written material, swatches of colors appropriate for each person, provides advice on dressing your body type and suitable style.  It is greatly worth it to visit her site to discover other services, products and her blog which offers up-to-date little fashion treasures. It is a must read. Everyone can benefit from this rare pearl in Iowa City." ~ Marie C., Alberta, Canada

“I really enjoyed my experience, I look beautiful...this is such an awesome experience in so many ways for me...just saying thank you doesn't even begin to explain how much I appreciate what you have done for me. And my family is so excited for me too.” ~ Reba S., Tiffin, IA


"I want to tell you how much I love the DNI make-up I bought and all the clothes from our shopping trip. I have been getting so many compliments! Thanks again. I really appreciate everything you showed me." ~ Laurie W., Pleasant Hill, IA